Arizona Elite Club Information

Practice Sessions 2019

PARENT MEETING January 16 at 3:30pm. Meet on DV’s track.

Practices are held at the Desert Vista High School track in Ahwatukee. First day of practice will be January 16 at 3:45pm. Practice days are Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday, from 3:30 - 5pm*. Starting February 5, 2019 practice will be every Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday at 5:00pm - 6:30pm*. Athletes are encouraged to practice at least 3 days per week. Please make arrangements to pick up athletes promptly at the end of practice. A complete roster will be handed out soon to help everyone with car pools.

*Practice times may change based on weather. Consult your physician before training and competitions. Athletes train and compete at their own risk. The Arizona Elite will provide the necessary equipment for training and competing. Some specialty implements and training equipment are the athletes responsibility.

*Thursday practices are cancelled until April 23rd, 2018. Regular schedule will resume on 4/23/18

USATF Membership Card

All athletes must be a member of USATF. Please click here USATF Online Membership to be directed to the USATF website for online membership. The Group Accident Insurance Program begins with the date that the USA Association receives your registration. Basically, the Program covers all track-related accidents at practice sites and meets. Cost for the membership card is $20.00. This fee is not included in the Arizona Elite registration fee.

Birth Certificates

Copies must be turned in before first regulation meet. Applies to new athletes only.

Uniforms & Sweats

Athletes must compete in Arizona Elite's uniform or uniform approved by Arizona Elite's coaching staff. Uniforms are required and are an additional cost (cost is determined according to quantity ordered as a team). Sweats are optional at an additional cost.


  • If your child will miss a track meet, be late or leave early, please notify coaching staff a.s.a.p.
  • Relay's: If your child is on a relay, they are required to attend practice sessions. If they miss a track meet or continually miss relay practice, they will be taken out of the relay team pool. In general, the fastest 4 make the team unless one of the fastest is in an event that conflicts with the relay. Relay's require a higher level of commitment because if your child does not show up, 3 other kids do not get to compete.
  • Each track meet the Arizona Elite parent's are responsible for various activities. Example, timing, moving hurdles, athlete check in, clerking, etc. Athlete/Parental assistance is required for club membership and in running an efficient track meet.
  • Once competition starts, parents are not allowed on the field. If you have any questions or concerns, please direct them to the Arizona Elite coaching staff.
  • Both coach and athlete agree to never use performance enhancing drugs, and have never and will never advocate, aid or abet drug use in sports. Destructive, disrespectful, or unsportsmanlike behavior will not be tolerated. Disciplinary actions will include community service, dismissal from competition, removal of coach and athletes USATF benefits and/or removal from the team.

The mission of the Arizona Elite Track Club is to enhance the motivation of athletes by developing self-discipline, and feelings of self worth, establishing a highly competitive spirit, and to have FUN.

Arizona Elite's Motto

Strive for Excellence.

Arizona Elite's Objectives

The Arizona Elite’s runners will be able to demonstrate:

  • Mastery of advanced individual skills necessary to participate in competition at this level.
  • Appropriate sportsmanship behaviors in practices and competition.
  • Accurate and complete knowledge of basic rules of track.
  • Positive personal qualities in practices and track meets.

Arizona Elite's Colors

Red, White, and Blue.

Sponsors Needed

We need your support. Arizona Elite is a non-profit organization. The team consists of people ranging in ages from 6 years old through Masters (25 years old and up). Arizona Elite needs your sponsorship to help with purchasing uniforms, practice facilities, equipment, entry fees to track meets, and in some cases travel expenses to out of state meets (Regional and National Meets).

Please join our team. Any support to the athletes and their families can be recognized on our web site. You can mail your contributions or we can arrange to have an Arizona Elite representative call you.

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$350 – Competitive Team Member

This option is for athletes interested in competition. Meets will be scheduled January through July. (Discount pricing for multiple family members)


  • Team coaching
  • Team uniform and t-shirt
  • Meet fees for all races (excluding National and Regional championship meets)
Family Pricing:
  • 2nd child: $280 (10% discount off original total of $700 becomes $630)
  • 3rd child: $210 (20% discount off original total of $1050 becomes $840)

$160 – High School Athlete Team Member

For high school track athletes who want to train and compete during the off-season, (May-July)


  • Team coaching
  • Team uniform and t-shirt
  • Meet entry fees

Note: You will need to purchase USATF registration card for your child separately (mandatory for all athletes who will compete)